As part of your membership responsibilities, each family is required to participate in one of the monthly cleanings of the school (the one exception is staff that have children enrolled in the school). Cleaning happens on one Saturday each month from 1pm to 5pm. Please note: kids are not allowed to come to the cleanings. The schedule below lists the cleaning dates and the participating families.

Cleaning Schedule
If you need to trade your date with another family or plan to be out of town on a day you are scheduled, please make arrangements to find a substitute family to trade with. You can look at the list and contact someone on a day that works for you, or try contacting some families in your child’s class. After the swap has been made, please send an email to your Physical Plant Cleaning Coordinator. If you are assigned to a Lincoln Road cleaning, your coordinator is Amy Kao and if you are assigned to a 626 Flatbush cleaning, your coordinator is Henry Peter In your email, please confirm which location you are assigned to clean, your original cleaning date assignments, and the new dates you are swapping for.

Please note that Physical Plant Cleaning Coordinators cannot arrange swaps for you, they are simply updating the schedule. Thank you for your cooperation!

Lincoln Road Monthly Cleaning TO DO List
626 Flatbush Monthly Cleaning TO DO List
Important Tips for School Cleaning

For the cleaning schedule, please log into Edsby.