Classroom Support

Cafe/Potluck Responsibilities

Your responsibilities for the year include:

  • Create the schedule of cafe deliveries for your child’s class, update the grocery list as necessary, and remind each family (a few days before) when it’s their turn to deliver cafe.
  • Communicate with teachers regularly to make sure they are receiving cafe items on time and in full (they won’t always tell you), and to see if they would like to change or update their grocery lists. Please alert your co-chairs if there are problems and/or delinquent families.
  • Plan and organize a Meet and Greet Potluck for your designated classroom. Work with two other Cafe/ Potluck Organizers to organize the potluck for Family. Picnic Day (in May or June), & Graduation (In June)
  • Provide 3 hours of childcare throughout the year during General Meetings, Morning Meetings, and Special Events.
  • Playground Support Our committee provides support for the playground. The Roots and the Waves will be going to the Lincoln Road Playground after everyone in each class has turned three and when the playground is not too icy. So from February to June, expect to provide 1-2 hours of playground support per month.

Cafe Duties


Your first task will be to create a cafe schedule for the year. Your committe co-chair has scheduled the cafe up to and including the week beginning September 24th–Cafe that week will be assigned to the Cafe Coordinators from each class. (See attached initial schedule). The first week that you’ll need to schedule is the week beginning October 1.

For the first part of the year, designate one family per week to provide the requested menu. Since there aren’t enough weeks for every family to provide the menu twice, at some point you will need to assign two families per week to bring a portion of the menu each (see last year’s calendar). *Families with only one scheduled snack assignment will be asked to purchase items for our disaster/emergency supplies, snack for another classroom, or comparable classroom supplies.

Post a copy of your class cafe schedule in the lobby AND email Paisley the schedule to be uploaded to the new page. Before you post, email a copy of the cafe schedule to parents and ask parents to make sure they have no conflicts (vacations, etc.).


Each class has several weeks of shopping lists, labeled Week A, Week B, etc. Last year the Stars had four weeks, the Roots had five, and the Waves had seven. Check in with the teachers for updates and changes. Send updates and changes to Paisley for posting on the web.


Remind families that cafe groceries are dropped off the Thursday or Friday before the week they are assigned. For example, if they are providing Cafe for week of October 1, they should deliver the cafe on the Thursday the 27th or Friday the 28th. (In a pinch families can drop off cafe on the Monday morning, but it has to be there by 8:00 a.m. for the teachers to start preparing. Don’t announce this contingency back kup plan generally.)

After the grocery lists and schedule is online, you may simply refer families to the site. In fact, we prefer that families not be emailed the grocery lists, since the Communications Committee would like people to register for the site. Distributing information online will encourage people to register.Distribute grocery lists and remind families: Soon all the grocery lists for each class will be online. Until then, email families the list of shopping items when you send the reminder email. (Attached is a document with sample emails). We suggest that you ask them to hit Reply and Send so that you know they got the email. Advance warning of at least 5 days is important so families have time to shop. We found sending out the cafe reminder on Saturday or Sunday before the delivery was expected on Thursday or Friday worked well for everyone. Reminder emails are also appreciated.


Deliveries will be on the Thursday or Friday before the designated week (whichever day the designated family prefers) so that it is available for the teachers to prepare and serve the following Monday.

The teachers have asked that any deliveries for The Roots or The Stars be left in the kitchen and that they should be clearly labeled Roots or Stars so that they don’t get muddled up in the shared space. Deliveries for the Waves can go upstairs to the Waves kitchen. Please inform parents of this.

There will be a $100 fee charged to families who do not fulfill their duties or make arrangements in advance.


Organizing the beginning of the year Meet & Greet Potluck for each class. This is often done in the park, as the groups are usually too big to meet in one person’s house.

  • Family Picnic: Usually in May or June, the spring Picnic is a potluck.
  • Graduation Celebration- Held behind the Carousel and attended by the entire school.

Work together with the other Potluck Organizers for these whole school parties.
These potlucks require bringing folding tables from school, so this needs to be coordinated, if they need to be brought over in a car or carried.

These all require sign-up sheets in each classroom at least 2 weeks before the event, with some direction as to what to bring (eg, paper goods/utensils, beverages, main dishes, side dishes, etc.). You will also need to solicit help cleaning up after the party.

Email parents, encouraging participation and reminding them to sign up. In addition to this, 2-3 reminder emails need to be sent in the days coming up to the party (1 week before, 2 days before…). Also, be in contact with the Classroom Liaisons so they can also post it in their monthly classroom updates. Generally, we found that while people didn’t necessarily sign up there was always plenty of food. People forget to sign up but then show up with delicious stuff. Still, a sign up sheet HELPS get the ball rolling!