Maple Street School is a special place. It begins as a community for our children, and becomes a community for us as parents… a community that comes together to strengthen Maple Street School year after year for generations of children. Our collective fundraising efforts are an integral part of this community building and an area where each of us can contribute to the mission and success of our school.

We fundraise at Maple Street School to support the Scholarship Fund – a program that gives financial assistance to local families who would not otherwise be able to join the Maple Street community.This year, the school has awarded approximately $56,000 in scholarships to keep Maple Street School a diverse mix of students reflective of the neighborhood and our shared values. Our goal this year is to raise $60,000, to provide even more scholarships, and your help is essential to meeting this goal!

This year’s fundraising calendar keeps in place the most successful programs of the last couple years and introduces some new ones as well. These programs include exciting events such as Brooklyn Kids Rock, a concert for kids which in three short years has become a staple of the NYC children’s entertainment calendar, earning write-ups in Time Out NY Kids and elsewhere; as well as Bite of Brooklyn, a grownups-only, end-of-year wine and food event at the beautiful DUMBO Loft. A centerpiece of our efforts will be the second annual Little Friends campaign, introduced last year in place of a third major event as a way of reducing the impact of our fundraising efforts on parents’ busy schedules. The campaign was very successful, bringing in over $18,000 in scholarship funds, a number we plan to exceed this year.

As a cooperative school, Maple Street relies on each family to devote time and support to financing its annual scholarship fund, and to maintaining its legacy. We hope that you, like other parents before you, will see the opportunity to fundraise and contribute as a way to give back while developing friendships with other parents and enjoying fun outings together as Maple Street families.

Yearly Requirements

To help you in meeting your volunteering responsibilities, we’ve outlined the minimum requirements below. Also, please check out the 2014 – 2015 volunteer tracking spreadsheet to see how many hours you’ve logged so far.

  • Volunteer time Each family is required to volunteer for 5 hours (2 hours for single-parent families) at any combination of our fundraising events throughout the school year. Volunteer time is on-the-ground work at an event or an alumni callathon, such as set up, break down, phone calls or manning a table. Pre-event activities such as selling tickets, baking items, or distributing posters unfortunately do not count toward the family volunteer requirement, but are greatly appreciated!
  • Ticket Sales Each family is required to buy or sell a minimum of 6 event tickets:
    • Four tickets to Brooklyn Kids Rock (March 2015, $15 pp) and
    • Two tickets to Bite of Brooklyn (June 2015, $65 pp)
  • Raffle & Auction Each family is required to donate, procure or sell items totaling $100 in value. You may:
    • Donate/procure auction/raffle items, and/or
    • Sell raffle tickets For example, you can fulfill the $100 requirement by donating a $50 gift certificate for auction and selling $50 in raffle tickets. Raffles and auctions will take place at Brooklyn Kids Rock and Bite of Brooklyn, both in the Spring. Fulfillment of fundraising responsibilities are tracked throughout the school year and we will keep you abreast of your status at the end of each semester. Please take the time to review your status and let the Fundraising Committee know if you feel you have not been credited for your responsibilities at any time. Families that do not complete their volunteer responsibilities will be required to pay $150. Families that do not fulfill tickets sales or auction/raffle requirements will be required to pay $150, in addition to the value of any missed raffle/auction value and/or ticket purchases.

Member Standings

Please use the spreadsheet below to verify and track your progress toward fulfilling your co-op fundraising requirements. If you have questions, please e-mail Barrie Koegel ( and Alek Stevens (

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