Hurricane Volunteering and Information

New York City Schools are closed for the rest of the week, however Maple Street will be open tomorrow on a modified basis, 9am — 3:30pm Thursday and Friday. Monday we are hoping to resume our normal schedule and may still need extra support.

We are looking for parent volunteers to help cover shifts at the school to make up for the teachers who cannot make it in. We are still trying to figure out which teachers can make it in tomorrow. If we get enough parent volunteers, all children will be able to attend tomorrow, even those not scheduled with a parent or caregiver who is working. Unfortunately because of staffing unknowns we cannot accommodate extra children at this time unless they are with a parent/caregiver.

— Shifts are 2.5 hrs long
— If you volunteer for a slot, we expect you to help out in a variety of ways like organizing activities, making cafe/snack time possible.

We will also be having music with Jeremy tomorrow at 11 am upstairs.

Volunteer Sign-up

List of Volunteers

The scene at the hurricane playdate at MSS on Wednesday

Q, B, or S service will be suspended till further notice.
The MTA has a map of all the subways in operation (PDF).
The NYTimes has a list of all the trains and busses that are operating.

Local Bus Service:
Our local B41 bus is working.
As are the B1, B3, B15, B35, B41, B44, B46, B61, B82, Q58, Q59
Brooklyn Bus Map:

Halloween tonight:
The Weather tonight will be about 50° and cloudy with winds out of the SW at 9 mph.
Where ever there are trees, there is a still a very real danger of tree branches falling. This includes streets you may be trick or treating on.
If you do go out tonight, make sure you are on streets that are well lit.

FYI — The Greenwich Village parade wil be rescheduled to some time next week. So I assume that Prospect Park parade will also do the same?
Is it really worth having Halloween a week later?

NYC Marathon is expected to run on Sunday.