Membership Responsibilities

As part of your participation in the Maple Street community, you are required to do the following fabulous five duties:

  1. Attendance at General Meetings General Meetings are where the board communicates with the membership, and where members discuss and vote on important decisions. Attendance is required and childcare is available. The first General Meeting (of three) is Monday, September 24th from 7:15-8:30. Prior to that, at 6:00 pm, you are invited to attend a discussion on Curriculum if you so choose. This is not required, however. If you are unable to attend a general meeting and know at this time, please immediately email Membership Board Co-Chairs ( to seek a waiver.
  2. Café One or two families from each class buy and deliver snack each week. Schedule and Details »
  3. Cleaning As part of your membership responsibilities, each family is required to participate in one of the monthly cleanings of the school. Schedule and Details »
  4. Committee Participation: Each family is assigned to a committee at the start of the year.
  5. Fundraising As a cooperative school, Maple Street relies on each family to devote time and support to financing its annual scholarship fund, and to maintaining its legacy. Requirements and details »

2015-15 Committee Questionnaire

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