Allergies and Restrictions

It is the goal of The Maple Street School to ensure allergic reactions suffered by students are treated quickly and effectively if they occur.

Parents or guardians are required to provide allergy information by a doctor on the student’s registration and health form. Food allergies must also be posted on the refrigerator on the floor where the child’s classroom is located and with a picture of the child.

Parents or guardians of children with severe or life threatening allergies must work with their pediatrician, the Director and the student’s teachers to develop an allergic reaction prevention and treatment plan. This includes children with asthma.

While Maple Street has a nut free policy, it is not liable or responsible for families that bring in nuts or seeds.

This plan must be posted:

  • On the refrigerator of the floor where the child’s classroom is located.
  • In the Medication Cabinet in the reception area in the red notebook.

Children with activity restrictions must receive a note from their pediatrician. If a child appears injured or has an activity restriction, the school reserves the right to receive clearance from a child’s doctor.