First Aid Kit

There are three first aid kits attached to the wall in the bathroom upstairs and in each of the downstairs classrooms. CPR supplies are available with the receptionist and near the First Aid Kit. There are also travel first aid kits for each classroom, which should be restocked with each use, and at the beginning of each semester and summer.

The First Aid Kit will be stocked with the following items:

Nonporous Disposable Gloves
Small Scissors
Non-glass thermometer (for under armpit)
Bandage Tape
Adhesive bandages various sizes
Sterile gauze squares 2″ and 3″
Triangular bandages
Flexible roll gauze 1″ and 2″
Safety Pins
Eye Dressing
Pencil and Notepad
Cold Pack or Plastic Bags for ice cubes
Small Splints
Sealable plastic bags for soiled materials
Clean Cloth
Liquid Soap
Small Plastic Cups
Flashlight with fresh batteries
Plastic Bags
First Aid Guide

The First Aid Kit will be re-stocked at the beginning of each semester, the summer, and additionally when needed.