Medication Administration Policy

  • Medication is stored in the lobby area either locked, on a high shelf inaccessible to children or in a labeled plastic bin or in the refrigerator in a labeled, plastic bin kept apart from food.
  • Parents of children who need medication must have their prescriber fill out the medication consent form and bring, fax or send in the form. Storage information must be included on the prescription or in writing by the prescriber.
  • For children who develop symptoms in care, verbal parent permission is sufficient for one (1) day.
  • All medication given must be logged in after medication is given.
  • The Maple Street School does not stock medication. The school can purchase Tylenol or over the counter medications for your child for one (1) day only.
  • Parents must buy the medication at the end of the day.
  • Children with special health care needs such as asthma must meet with the Director and have an individual health care plan from the child’s physician.
  • Medication Administration Policies in article 47 and provided at the Medication Administration Training must be followed at all times.
  • All medication errors must be reported to the Department of Health. Parents must be informed of medication errors in writing in an incident report.