“We believe we are creators of culture and by learning about and committing to social justice, we believe we can create a more just, inclusive and equitable society for our children a little at a time.”
– Wendy Cole, Director, Maple Street School

The Maple Street School is an environment where children build a community in which all voices are worthy of being heard. This web page is a resource to help us better connect with people across varying cultures, backgrounds, and abilities. The materials here can provide us with additional perspectives plus practical tools to become more inclusive, involved, and conscious of the diverse world around us.

A simple way to expand a child’s cultural awareness is to first use books to introduce the new and varied cultures followed by discussion to explore the new idea. The Maple Street School’s Children’s Diversity Booklist is a comprehensive list of over 250 children’s books that can be sorted and filtered according to your chosen criteria (see list of categories below). Don’t forget to use the MSS Amazon Smile for any purchasing.

Parents/caregivers become better sources of learning for children when they broaden their own thinking. The Parents and Caregivers’ Resources on Diversity is a list of books, websites, and articles that relate to diversity and help us understand its presence in our lives and communities.

We hope that this web page becomes a living document, growing through the comments, suggestions, and additions made by Maple Street families, staff and the greater surrounding communities. Finally, because language can be tricky, especially when offering views on humans, humanity, rights and even “diversity” itself, we invite you to help us develop a language of dignity that works for all regarding these profound ideas.

Are we missing something? Help us build these lists. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions: diversity@maplestreetschool.org.

Parents and Caregivers’ Resources on Diversity

MSS Children’s Diversity Booklist