Rainbow Camp at the Maple Street School

Celebrate & Create

Create and Celebrate!

Rainbow Camp at the Maple Street School

  • Empowering our children
  • Shifting from me to we
  • We can change the world

Offered at 21 Lincoln Road and 626 Flatbush Avenue.

Looking for an amazing Summer Experience? Do have experience in early childhood? Are you looking to be an advocate, to make a difference, find your voice and help children find theirs? Interested in Social Justice and Education? Are you full of passion and excited about teaching? Have lots of energy and willing to learn and have fun? Feeling radical and enjoy controlled chaos? Make an impact this summer at Maple Street School.

Join us! Send all inquiries to employment@maplestreetschool.org.

Rainbow Camp Program

  • Week One, July 1st-5th Trash Art Week (No camp July 4th) . Do you have a budding artist who says “I need that for a project?” Do you have a child who loves to create and imagine? Then this is the week for that! We will be collecting and building all week long with found objects and recyclable trash. We will be making bottle cap art, wacky newspaper hats, amazing sculptures and structures, bedazzled clothing and more!!!
  • Week Two, July 8th-12th Drama Drama Drama- Let’s Put on a Show ….. Mini Theater. Mini Theatre starts with a story. Stories are full of action and fun characters. We will be pulling from favorites such as King Bidgood, Abiyoyo, Sun and the Moon, and Caps for Sale. Using made props, small bits of costumes and our imaginations we will act out a story with our own special flair. Often several children will will play one character or we will act out the story many times until every child has done all the parts they desire. Mini Theatre will be noisy, physical, and the all children will have plenty of room to take the lead.
  • Week Three, July 15th-19th Wilderness Week. Campers will participate in crafts and hikes. We will learn about nature and the world around us through hands on exploration of nature center habitats including ponds, woodlands and meadows. Activities will focus on letterboxing, geocaching, tree identifications and bird watching. We will finish out the week with a ‘camp-out’ in Prospect Park. Join us for songs and stories around the campfire as we ‘roast’ marshmallows on Friday!
  • Week Four, July 22nd-26th Get your Groove on- Dance Week!. Get ready to move to the beats as we dance through the week. We will try out some simple ballet, hip hop, modern, tap, jazz and salsa dance moves. From Square Dancing to Breakdancing we will be using dance as a means to communicate and tell our stories. Join us for our dance performances on Friday!
  • Week Five, July 29th- August 2nd Mad Scientist Week. Green Glowing liquids, strange objects flying through the air, mystery substances that change from solid to liquids in seconds. We will be making snow in the summer, tornados , and bubbles. A whole school science show wraps up the week.
  • Week Six, August 5th-August 9th Busker Carnival Week. A Funky combination of carnival, old fashion country fair, street performers and wild circus! Let’s run away! All week long we will be preparing for a parade, constructing street performer costumes and practicing our tricks. We will be crafting games and activities. Drumming, storytelling and games wraps up our very own Busker Carnival Rainbow Style!

Daily Schedule

Light Table

Light Table

Lemonade Stands and POP-UPs
Free and Open Play
Yoga and Mindfulness
Botanic Garden visits
Bubble Making
Central and Prospect Park Zoo
Audubon Center

Daily Schedule

  • 8:00 Early Drop off (optional)
  • 9:00 Choice and Cafe/Snack
  • 9:45 Circle Time Intentions
  • 10:00 Trips, Outside Exploration, Sprinklers, Specialists and Guests, Pop Ups, Neighborhood Visits, Art
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 12:45 Nap or Schmooze
  • 1:30 / 2:00 Open Play or Cooking, Sewing, Pop ups, or Yoga
  • 2:30 Storytelling and Group Sing-a-longs
  • 3:00 Pick-up (Parents, families, caregivers invited)
  • 3:00-6:00 After Camp (optional)
Peggy Dance Party

Dance Party

Summer Camp Tuition


Days Rate
Two-day session $225
Three-day session $310
Four-day session $395
Five-day session $455
Early Dropoff & After Camp Rate (per diem)
Early Dropoff $10.00
After Camp, 3:00pm-4:00pm $12.50
After Camp, 3:00pm-5:00pm $25.00
After Camp, 3:00pm-6:00pm $37.50


Registration Fee $50
Non-Refundable Deposit $100
T-Shirt and Trip Fee $30

Early drop off is available at 8:00am for a charge of $10 per student, but space is limited so please inquire about this at sign up.

*Sibling discount available

*Please note we can not accept children under the age of 2 or over the age of 6.

You must come for least 2 days in a week.

You must come for least 2 weeks.

You must sign up for either a Monday or a Friday 9:00 am- 3:00 pm

Full payment is due with registration. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. . All cancellations and reductions of weeks and days, must by received by the end of business day on Monday, June 3, 2019. Full refunds for week(s) cancelled will not be offered after Monday, June 3, 2019. Please note that any requests to cancel weeks of attendance received after this date will be processed with a $150 cancellation fee per cancelled week. Also, in order that to receive a partial refund, the request must be made prior to start of that week. We are unable to issue any refunds for requests to cancel a week that has already started (ex. Requesting to cancel Week 4 on Monday-Friday of Week 4.)


2013 Summer Class

2013 Summer Class

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