Rainbow Camp at the Maple Street School

Celebrate & Create

Create and Celebrate!

Rainbow Camp at the Maple Street School

  • Empowering our children
  • Shifting from me to we
  • We can change the world

Offered at 21 Lincoln Road and 626 Flatbush Avenue.

Looking for an amazing Summer Experience? Do have experience in early childhood? Are you looking to be an advocate, to make a difference, find your voice and help children find theirs? Interested in Social Justice and Education? Are you full of passion and excited about teaching? Have lots of energy and willing to learn and have fun? Feeling radical and enjoy controlled chaos? Make an impact this summer at Maple Street School.

Join us! Send all inquiries to employment@maplestreetschool.org.

Rainbow Camp Program

  • Week One, July 9-13, Soul/Sol. An exploration of the Soul and Sol (sun): We jump into Summer Fun. We explore ourselves and our bodies with mindfulness and yoga and drumming. We leap into summer with sprinklers and the shining sun. We will be learning Spanish through music with Dos Padres, playing games from around the world and focusing on bodies, breathing, compassion and joy.
  • Week Two, July 16-20, Super Hero Camp. Who are our heroes and why? Through books and discussions we will discover the true traits of heros and how everyone can be a super hero. We will be designing capes, creating magical names and learning to empower ourselves to be our BEST selves. We will interview and meet everyday heroes in our lives. We will embark on Super Hero adventures that allow us to collaborate and use all our amazing skills!
  • Week Three, July 23-27, Rainbow World : Little People Big Dreams. The colors of our world are plentiful and stunning. This week we celebrate ART in a big way through some of our favorite artists and musicians. We will create our own treasured pieces along with large murals we create together. We will breathe and listen for the colors that speak to us through music and simply spill into our ART. Please be prepared for LOTS of paint and LOVE.
  • Week Four, July 30-August 3, Vogue Week (Pride Week). “Voguing allows you to be anyone you want to be” This week we go Big and Bold. We are who we are and we celebrate. We will learn how to support each other and lift each other up while appreciating our similarities and differences. We will be creating dance families and houses. We will dive into the history of voguing and self expression. We will practice our poses and learn the roots of voguing, while incorporating martial arts, gymnastics, ballet and pantimone into our dance. Be ready for catwalks and join us for our Kiki Ball.
  • Week Five, August 6-10, Why, Why, Why and It’s Not FAIR (Upstander Week). We all have strong beliefs and soo many questions- YES PLEASE! We are the Movers and Shakers. We will ask our questions and empower ourselves to find the answers. We are the scientists, the explorers, the detectives. We will dig deep into truths and misconceptions. We will challenge our beliefs, we will question what is fair and what is right. We will ask questions and maybe find some answers. Join us for a week of questions, science, experiments, inventions and social activism! Let’s Stand Up!!
  • Week Six, August 13-August 17, Invisible Stories Week. Everyone and everything has a story. We will be exploring our own stories and those of our families and community. We will learn the Invisible story of Trees. We will discover an underground network of friendship, communication, caring and love through the roots of community. We will dig deep and uncover the mysteries behind what we think we see. We will take the time and moments needed to see the unseen and hear the unheard and create the uncreated. Bookmaking, Storytelling and Beauty. Invisible Art, Invisible Music and Invisible Stories.

Daily Schedule

Light Table

Light Table

Each Week
Dream Weavers- a sewing circle
Free and Open Play
Yoga and Mindfulness
Art- Process and Crafts
Dos Padres
Pop Ups
Community Building
Friday- Drumming and Celebration- Whole Community
Music and Dancing
Nature and Gardening

Daily Schedule

  • 8:00 Early Drop off (optional)
  • 9:00 Choice and Community Cafe
  • 9:45 Circle Time Intentions
  • 10:00 Trips, Outside Exploration, Sprinklers, Specialists and Guests, Pop Ups, Neighborhood Visits, Big and Small Art
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 12:45 Nap or Schmooze
  • 1:30 / 2:00 Open Play or Cooking, Sewing, Pop ups, or Yoga
  • 2:30 Storytelling and Group Sing-a-longs
  • 3:00 Pick-up (Parents, families, caregivers invited)
  • 3:00-6:00 After Camp (optional)
Peggy Dance Party

Dance Party

Summer Camp Tuition


Days Rate
Two-day session $225
Three-day session $310
Four-day session $395
Five-day session $455
Early Dropoff & After Camp Rate (per diem)
Early Dropoff $10.00
After Camp, 3:00pm-4:00pm $12.50
After Camp, 3:00pm-5:00pm $25.00
After Camp, 3:00pm-6:00pm $37.50


Registration Fee $50
Non-Refundable Deposit $100
T-Shirt and Trip Fee $30

Deposit of $180 is due with registration. Payment is full is due by June 1st. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. All cancellations and reductions of weeks and days, must by received by the end of business day on Friday, June 2, 2018. Full refunds for week(s) cancelled will not be offered after Friday, June 2, 2018. Please note that any requests to cancel weeks of attendance received after this date will be processed with a $150 cancellation fee per cancelled week. Also, in order that to receive a partial refund, the request must be made prior to start of that week. We are unable to issue any refunds for requests to cancel a week that has already started (ex. Requesting to cancel Week 4 on Monday-Friday of Week 4.)


2013 Summer Class

2013 Summer Class

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